What Are You Looking For?

Weight Loss

Our weight loss programme are tailored for individual
needs and our experts discuss extensively with you to
understand your specific needs and concerns whilst walking
you through the entire process.


Whether it is hair you were born with or
developed later in life due to hormonal reasons,
we will tackle it for you.

Skin Care

Our highly professional, experienced and well trained
dermatology team are always by your side to help you
select the best cosmetic procedure to get back to
the natural look and feel.

Hair Care

Our hair regrowth procedures ensure a natural looking
hair and quick results. What differentiates and distinguishes
our practice is an intense passion for detail
medical, aesthetic, artistic or otherwise.

Why Shakshi Wellness?

At Shakshi, you enter a world in itself, where your every need is understood and every question is answered.

We have the highest regard for your privacy and seek to understand your complete needs in our endeavour to deliver real value and change. In this effort, we touch the 3 essential elements of human personality (fitness, skin and hair care) to help you discover, and enjoy, the joyful expression of your real self.

Our Fly-in Programme are designed to help our customers coming from all over the world to experience Shakshi Wellness, we take care of everything from their stay to their diet. Overall, there really is no other way to find out more about Shakshi Wellness than experience it.

We’re proud that most of the people we place are referred to us by clients. We believe that this is a sign of your trust in us and we like to thank you with a referral incentive.

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