About Us

Shakshi is a one-stop wellness clinic started in T.Nagar, Chennai and is currently serving Tambaram, Coimbatore, Trichy and Vellore across Tamil Nadu. In Bengaluru, we have branches at Marathalli and BTM. At Shakshi, you enter a world in itself, where your every need is understood and every question is answered. We have the highest regard for your privacy and seek to understand your complete needs in our endeavour to deliver real value and change. In this effort, we touch the 3 essential elements of human personality (fitness, skin and hair care) to help you discover, and enjoy, the joyful expression of your real self. Conveyed in a relaxed ambience of absolute privilege and comfort, we ensure that every touch point with us is an experience to cherish in itself. Our elaborately researched programs are tailored by experts to suit individual needs and we deliver results that are holistic, yet powerfully transformative. With genuine warmth, sincerity and careful attentiveness, we seek to win over our customers with our service, as with our solutions. That is the Shakshi promise to you.


Serving our present … Caring for the future!

Our aim is to provide easy access to world class health care (Wellness) to more clients from more places than ever before.

To expand our base, having proved our excellence and commitment in our flagship venture in T-Nagar, Chennai!


“To Reshape” the Wellness industry by becoming the industry leader and the premier Wellness Centre in the pursuit of establishing value chains which provide sustainable health care solutions.

This is can be achieved with the eight ‘C’s’.

Commitment, Cost, Credibility, Consistency in Cure and Care with Comfort and Convenience.

Core Values

Dedication to

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Clinical Expertise
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Employee Development
  • Ethical Business Values
Thanks to our cosmetologists and dermatologists. More than 2550 clients have benefited with regard to Pigmentation, Tan Removal, Fairness Enhancement, Botox and Fillers for Line and Wrinkle reduction and stretch marks removal, anti ageing solutions, hair fall control and hair growth.
Our expert trichologist have very successfully conducted 84 hair transplantation surgeries.
We are proud to have transformed more than 3000 lives in their weight loss journey. This has been possible due to our clients belief in us and dedicated Shakshi team.
There are more than 100 Kollywood celebrities who have achieved incredible results with our hair, skin and fitness services. Only the best can be good enough for all our clients. The very fact that among all the choices they had, they chose Shakshi Wellness has elevated us the True Value wellness clinic delivering results as promised.

Our Successful Clients